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Foiling, Embossing, Die-Cutting and Printing, As Well As Foiling, De-Bossing and Personalization of Diaries and notebooks. Foiling and debossing on leather and other products. (For promotional products, personalised gifts and special occasions.)

•  Foil & Embossed labels / seals •  General Stationery •  Receipt-, delivery- and Invoice books •  Branding of diaries / notebooks.


Foil stamping

Also known as foil printing, is a specialised printing technique whereby a thin metallic film or foil, is impressed onto a document. The process makes use of metal dies, combined with heat and pressure, to permanently bond the foil to paper, leather, pvc and other products.


Foil stamping is a great way to add a custom touch to your printed product that creates elegant, eye-catching results.

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Embossing and debossing

Are the processes of creating either raised or recessed relief images and designs in paper and other materials. An embossed pattern is raised against the background, while a debossed pattern is sunken into the surface of the material.

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Is commonly used on paper products such as; business cards, invites, letterheads. Whereas debossing is done on leather products, diaries and notebooks.